Kathy Russell Photography | About

I started photography back in the early 80's.  Living in Washington DC,  taking photos of hardcore punk bands  Pretty much every one I knew was in a band in those days.  I moved to Virginia and then moved to the mountains once I retired.  I loved drawing and painting, but was never very good at it.  I then decided to really focus more on my photography.  Always loving animals, I focused on what was around me.

I learned more and more about digital art mixed with photography.  So in the past two years learned as much as possible.  I took a class with a fantastic equine photographer, Sherron Shepard.  Your imagination is truly your only limitation.

In the past year & a half, my photos have won and placed in numerous world wide contests.  I have been honored to have them published in a number of books and magazines, and hanging in a local gallery, Artist's of Middleburg, VA.


I am almost 60.  It is never too late to follow your heart.