Jocelyn Doyle(non-registered)
Thankful for your generosity and your time as a volunteer for the Veterans Day Parade.
Ann Brown
Kathy , you are beyond talented -- i'm truly at a loss for words . Each picture is more beautiful than the last , the cats with the masks are just stunning .The horses leave me breathless as i am an avid horse lover ...Never stop delighting the world with the beauty of your talent ....
Dean George Russell
Love all of your work your amazing!!! You see things threw a different perspective. Refreshing and amazing how you can come up with all of these pictures blows my mind . Would like to see what you could do with some of my hot rod pictures. Lol
Glenn Wogstad - Grapevine, TX(non-registered)
Magnificent, World Class
I think I broke my face smiling so big at the masked kitties.
Thanks so much for sharing your talents with the world.
Terry Cregan-Leidigh(non-registered)
Hi Kathy! I just saw your feature on Behind the Lens today, and of course I had to take a look. Wow, you are amazing, your images really do shine in every way. Good Luck to you in your new journey, I am sure you will have many followers!
Jim lambert(non-registered)
I really enjoyed looking through you images; they are the true meaning of art and you’re a artist in the way you finish your work. Thank you for sharing.
Holly McP(non-registered)
I linked to your site through Topaz Labs. What a delight. You are a true artist. I was amazed and intrigued at the gorgeous work I found here. Your Masked Kitties have made me really smile today.
I love your work. Keep it up!
LCF Artworks(non-registered)
Stunning Artworks! Love the style <3
Sandy Tatum
Kathy I love work, I think the photos you do are awesome. You are a very talented photographer. Look forward to more of your stunning work.
Twin Wranglers Baker(non-registered)
You do amazing work! Love every single image...they are all so awesome!
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